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LED Kitchen Lighting

  • For your lighting in the kitchen we have different types and types of lamps divided into various categories.


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  • During cooking you naturally want to see what you are doing. With the lighting in our range of LED lighting kitchen you have the choice of a warm atmosphere and a colder but very bright appearance. This combination is perfect for the kitchen. Above the worksheet you can opt for the clear look. This can then be alternated with atmospheric warmer lighting in the rest of the kitchen. That way your kitchen gets a warm and yet practical appearance.

    Benefits of LED lighting in the kitchen

    LED lighting kitchen

    When you start cooking, you want to see right away. Led lighting is immediately illuminated at full strength, so that you have a good view with the switch over. This is in contrast to for example low-energy light bulbs, which first have to run warm. In addition, LED lights will burn less and less brightly towards the end of their lifespan. Because of this you know on time that they need to be replaced and you are not suddenly without light. Especially in the kitchen very nice, so you do not suddenly have to replace lamps, while you actually want to start cooking.  

    In addition, LED lamps are a lot more energy-efficient than, for example, incandescent or halogen lamps. With this type of lighting you get the best of two worlds, the direct lighting combined with the economy of energy saving lamps. 

    Important for kitchen lighting

    During cooking, there may still be splashes. When lighting in the kitchen, it is therefore important that your lighting can withstand splashes. The lights must therefore be splash-proof, and IP65 approved. In our assortment we have taken this into account, so that you are assured of suitable lighting for every spot in your home.


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