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  • Saveware is the specialist for LED lighting and accessories. We have a wide variety of products from the best suppliers at competitive prices. View our range of LED lighting and accessories in various designs, colors and capacities. If you need a customized solution, then you are at the right address.


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  • The benefits of LED lamps

    Saveware has a wide range of light in the living room, but we also supply LED lighting bathroom, LED lighting kitchen and LED garden lighting. We often get customers to ask why they should choose this type of lamp. That is why we have summarized the advantages once again in a concise and orderly fashion.


    To start with, the choice for Led saves costs considerably. With respect to traditional lighting, it costs about one-tenth of the electricity. In addition, LED lamps have a longer lifespan. With a LED light you do three times in the worst case, and in the best case ten times as long as other lighting. 

    More peaceful   

    This type of lighting does not flicker, like pipe lighting does, for example. If you opt for LED bathroom lighting, you will have a soft and constant light in your bathroom. Nice if you want to enjoy your warm bath in peace and quiet. It also has a very soft light ratio, making LED garden lighting a good choice. With this you can really enjoy the sultry summer evenings, even if it is already dark. 



    The lamps do not get hot, as is the case with traditional lighting. This makes it a safe choice. Not only for you, but also for children or pets. By choosing eg LED lighting in the bathroom or LED lighting in the kitchen, you can prevent accidental contact. 

    Instant full light   

    It can be very annoying to have to wait until a room is lit. Especially when it comes to LED lighting in the bathroom, or other rooms where you sometimes spend only a short time. In contrast to many traditional lighting, LED immediately provides full light. That way you immediately have a good view. 

    Our range

    We have lighting for every conceivable situation. If you have any questions or want advice about which lighting you need in your specific situation, we will be happy to assist you. You can call or email us for this. 

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